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Farmers Welfare

  • The Farm is dedicated to conserving indigenous varieties of Vegetables using bearable, user-friendly, chemical-free methods.
  • Our farmers are covered for their medical treatments in alternative hospital (Ayurveda)
  • Farm gear is provided.
  • Bonus is provided annually and increments based on performance.
  • Farmers are entitled to Public Holidays, Sick Leave & Earned Leave.
  • Education of farmers’ children is supported at our sister concern Parmanand Education Trust(P.E.T)
  • Strict Health & Safety measures are in place. First-Aid is available at the farm.
  • Dairy produce is shared with farmers daily.
  • Cereals produced are also shared with farmers.
  • Space allocated for each farmer to grow vegetables for his/her family’s consumption.
  • Equal employment opportunities are provided for destitute women & physically challenged persons.