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Grow your food and take charge

When you participate in an Annadana tailor-made workshop, you join a growing movement to revitalize your own health and help strengthen organic agriculture. In turn, you promote organic land care which safeguard farmer’s livelihoods. You will agree, our bodies are increasingly flooded with lethal chemicals from the food we eat, the water we drink and the polluted air we breathe, giving rise to unprecedented types and incidence of disease. Our children have no reason to suffer the consequence of pesticide laden foods.

Holistic living and heritage diversity is what we promote! You will enjoy interacting with a diverse network of eco-enthusiasts who are active and knowledgeable in organic farming and gardening. Language is no barrier as you and your children can get to learn hands-on in our fields from our Farmer teachers.

We share the experiences and feedback of a few workshop participants to encourage and help you kick-start.

“This 3 day workshop is just the need of the hour…. It’s not limited to just farmers but everyone of us. Like Sangita says ‘Do you eat? Then you are in it! There are so many aspects of food that I have been oblivious off, despite me being an environmentalist. What we read and see in the media, we are ill-informed, sometimes misled and many times distracted from real facts regarding our food. An incredible heartening initiative by Annadana. I will take baby steps towards being a conscientious farmer. Malavikaa Solanki, Bangalore’

‘Firstly such a wonderful team at Annadana, self motivated, engaged and joyful! And then, the most eye-opening and revealing 2 day workshop. Immense learning. And then, gorged on delicious food, icing on the cake. Kudos and keep it up everyone’. Shabari, a Eco-Tourism Entrepreneur. ‘A great experience, simple, practical and down to earth. Every farmer, farm educator, an extension officer, forest dept and horticulture officer must undergo your time-tested training workshop. Annadana is the solution to the agriculture crisis.’ Hariprasad, Architect, Maharashtra

Pick your duration of a workshop, it could vary from 1 to 10 days, depending on your specific needs. Send in your query and request to and one of our experts will revert at the earliest.

We are what we eat. We believe that every person has the fundamental right to chemical- free food. The human race is charged with the potential to conserve bio-diversity through sustainable farming, so that our children inherit an earth that is clean, healthy and fair. But none of this is possible unless we know where our food comes from, the price paid by farmers in delivering such nourishment to our tables and our rich heritage of natural resources, seeds and plants that are being choked! Which is why disease is so rampant?

So, how can we reverse this? Seeing is indeed believing! We are proud at ‘Ishana' our 5 acre IMO certified farm is fast emerging as Karnataka’s leading knowledge-centre for promoting sustainable biodiversity as an alternative to modern corrosive agricultural methods of cultivation. Our hands-on field workshop focuses on giving you a holistic exposure of an operational organic farm. We simplify this eco science. You engage and work hands-on with our Master Farmers and experts. You learn to grow organically, eat locally, save your own heritage seeds, reap the harvest and live life self- sufficiently. We touch upon those factors that affect the growth of plants which include light, moisture, temperature, water, soil fertility, mineral balance, biotic life, weeds, pests, seeds, labour and planning skills. Pick your choice of workshops to suit your convenience. You no longer have to wait for us to announce workshop dates! Trainings are imparted 101 from Mon – Sat, 10.00am – 5.30pm. We have half day, 1 day, 2 and 3 days to over a week’s workshop.

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