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We present our season’s collection of time honoured, traditional organic open pollinated vegetable seeds. Apart from our regular hard-to-find, our all time favorites of multi-colored tomatoes are most aromatic and nutritional. We share a diverse range of varieties from greens, capsicum, cucurbits, ladies fingers, corn, brinjal, lettuce, beans, watermelon, gourds and more heirloom seed varieties. Our search to conserve traditional seed varieties continues. We request you to exchange traditional seeds with us to multiply and make them available to all. Seed saving is a dying skill. HELP US SAFEGUARD THIS BIO-DIVERSITY.

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Banana Early
Elephant Tusk
Elephant Tusk
Golden delicious
Dark Long Red
Long cow pea
Long cow pea
miniature red bell
Miniature red bell
Pop Corn Purple
Pop Corn Purple
wing beans
Wing beans
Bangalore Long Red chilli
Tommy Toe
Brinjal diamond
Sugar Baby
ANNADANA Open Pollinated Vegetable Varieties 2014
• Amaranth (3) • Capsicum (7) • Cucumber (3) • Snake gourd (1)
Green Leaf Banana Early Giant Fruit Stripped
Red Leaf Italian Sweet Green Market
Tricolor Mini Chocolate Bell Green Long • Spinach (1)
Cherrry Time Green Wonder
• Basil (4) Mini Red Bell • Drum Stick (1)
Aromatic Green Mini Yellow Bell Medium Long Green • Squash / Pumpkin (2)
Butter Cup Prima Belle Long Nice
Little Green • Fenugreek (1) White Ash
Mammoth • Carrot (2) Methi
New Karoda • Tomato (14)
• Beans (7) Chantaney • Ladies Finger (9) Broad Ripple
Green Gold Nantaise Clemson Spineless Brandy wine Black
Victoria Elephant Tusk Caro Rich
Green Cluster • Chakota (1) Ever Tender Ananas
Cluster Beans Green Marvel Long Green Peasant
Wing Bean Long Red Galina
Pole Beans • Chilly (6) Silver Queen Golden Delight
String Beans Great Black Sri Lanka Meghali
Red Big Tuticorin Podland Pink
• Bottle Gourd (1) Long Green Eight Tall Feet Red Cherry
Long Edible Bird Eye Red Plum
Orissa Kala Long • Lettuce (15) Stripped Abundant
• Brinjal (14) Red Cherry Cimmaron Tommy Toe
Apple Green Green Deer Tongue Local
Dark Long Red • Corn (7) Ice Queen Yellow Pear
Evergreen Delicious White Little Gem
Gulla Badane Inca Rainbow Long Standing Batavian • Watermelon (1)
Heddurgulla Hosanagar Martian Purple Merlot Sugar Baby
Musuku Badanae Pop Corn Purple Oak leaf
Pink Blush Sikkim Corn Queen of May • Flowers (7)
Purple Long Multi Colour Radichetta KumKum
Purple Round Pop Corn Yellow Saint Vincent Cosmos Orange
Rosita Mixed Two Variety Cosmos Yellow
Sevandanpatti • Cowpea (3) Mixed Leaves Marigold
Thai Long Green Dwarf Bush Roxy Zinnia – Small Flower
White Oval Long Cowpea Ball Zinnia – Big Flower
Kudriat Shyam Striped Red Winter Marvel Sun Flower
• Coriander (1) • Luffa/Sponge Gourd (1) • Onion (1) • Ridge Gourd (1)
Kothamir Medium Long Red Ball Long Green

Total of 117 varieties