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Annadana welcomes interns from India and abroad to lend their sweat towards developing sustainable & integrated farming practices. We see this engagement as a mutually beneficial process where the intern gains hands-on experience to sustainable farming practices and likewise, Annadana farmers benefit from interns’ creative skills.

Over the years, Annadana has been a platform for many students & interns from reputed institutes of agronomy/environmental sciences wishing to pursue Agro-Ecology and sustaining commmunities. The intern numbers keep growing each year and the experience is truly rewarding.

We ask Cecilia Cristerna Ragasol (from Agro Campus-Quest, Rennes in France) who interned with us in 2013, how she is benefiting from Annadana’s learnings in this phase of her life. View here.

Internship Poster Nov 2015

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Our work with interns and students draws from our commitment to share with the future generation, our time tested techniques on organic agriculture practices that sustaines communities.

As an intern:

  • You are self-motivated, enthusiastic and willing to participate
  • You will get a customised schedule of farming activities to suit your academic requirements

Bringing with it a ‘Win-Win’ for all times to come.

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