Vision To Re-Seed India
We envision India as a place where villages, farms, kitchen gardens, urban stores, restaurants are brimming with the full diversity of seasonal-adapted crops; And every village has a Seed Bank for farmers to conserve their heritage seeds and be self-sufficient;

Mission – ‘Going beyond policy to impact rural livelihoods towards sustainability’

Annadana’s Focus is in 3 Core Areas:

Farmers Welfare
Seed Conservation

Since its beginnings in Auroville in 2001, our founding objective has been to safeguard the interest of Indian farmers by promoting the use of traditional agricultural methods that are low cost and innovative. Thereby, empowering farmers towards self sufficiency.

Set up to disseminate knowledge on how to conserve, propagate and create exchange networks for indigenous seed varieties that allows farmers to break the culture of dependency on expensive patented hybrids & genetically modified seed stock.

Operating independently, our 2 agro-ecology farm centers located in Bangalore and in Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary at the Western Ghats, India has become a unique source of information for biological researchers, agronomists and environmentalists. Our training programs have attracted interns and visitors from across the globe.

Based in southern India, Annadana’s work has ranged from post Tsunami & flood agricultural Relief to creating Seed Banks in India’s North East & State Horticulture farms in Karnataka & Sustainable farm models in Laos, to training horticulturists and farmers in Bhutan.

Steered by a former corporate high flyer, Sangita Sharma, Annadana operates from 2 entities ; Annadana Soil & Seed Savers Network, a non-profit registered trust, and Annadana Eco-Organic Private Ltd that manages our internship program and overseas consultancy work.

As a tireless campaigner Annadana is proud to have played a significant role in bringing about India’s 2009 moratorium on Genetically Modified Foods.