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INVEST IN NATURE blinking_new

Tired of the office tread mill? Are you looking for something different and a breath of fresh air? Come and burn away your stress and calories in a natural paradise amongst new friends.

Why not join us and recharge your batteries and at the same do your bit to save the planet. more…

Organic Saplings Available at Ishanablinking_new

We want you to eat your garden! There’s nothing quite like the taste of vegetables and herbs that you’ve grown yourself in your own garden. Read more…

Experience Organic Farming in India – Internships

Jeanne Delor – an Interns Testimonial

Bansi and the Magic Seed

Cecilia Cristerna-Ragasol is a Graduate from Agro Campus-Quest, Rennes in France. Her 5 month experience at Annadana allowed her creative faculties to blossom giving birth to Bansi and the Magic Seed, an adventure story for children. Click HERE to watch what the creator has to say.
Read about Cecilia’s feedback on how she is benefiting from Annadana’s learnings.

Community Farming

LUN and RUEI YI, our Taiwanese interns, gifted Annadana by their creation as experienced during their one month stay at Ishana farms. As part of their internship programme. Read more

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