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TEST! It is your Time, Efforts and Skills which Targets your health and that of your children.
Our efforts to provide chemical-free organic food to society can reach you, if you join us to empower farmers. Let us empower farmer communities and tribals living in villages of Western Ghats more…

Experience Organic Farming in India blinking_new

Jeanne Delor – an Interns Testimonial more…

Bansi and the Magic Seed blinking_new

Cecilia Cristerna-Ragasol is a 22 year young Mexican, who is studying Agronomy in Rennes, France. A 4 month experience and exposure of living a holistic lifestyle at Annadana, allowed her creative faculties to blossom giving birth to Bansi and the Magic Seed. Click HERE to watch what the creator has to say.


Community Farming

LUN and RUEI YI, our Taiwanese interns, gifted Annadana by their creation as experienced during their one month stay at Ishana farms. As part of their internship programme. more…