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We need you to work with us to provide our children a chance to inherit a healthier environment free from pollutants, disease and to guard our precious food chain from further contamination.

We would love to share our knowledge on all things organic—be it our research, farming practices, home gardening and cooking. As also how and why it is vital that we live an authentic, organic life.

Host an Annadana speaker at your next event and help create a conscious awakening.

Sangita Sharma is a Bangalore based campaigner for safe foods.


Pick a topic of your choice from those listed below and Annadana can tailor it to suit your requirements. The duration of the session can range from an hour to a whole day interactive workshop.

Sustainable organic agriculture
  • ‘Organic Power’ – Growing your own food without chemicals
  • Safeguard bio-diversity ‘Seed to seed’ conserving 11 species
Safe Foods:
  • Our right to safe food – Alerting the pros and cons of genetically modified organisms entering our food chain, through informed choices.
  • Mothers4safefoods – “How can you NOT afford to eat healthy when the cost of being ill is so much higher?” This session reveals the myths and truths of ingredients daily consumed in kitchens from super market shelves.

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Cell : + 91 8277661106

Annadana is a non-profit organisation, we kindly request coverage of travel expenses and an honorarium for each speaking engagement.