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The Home Garden – Growing your own food

Today, we find more people wanting to grow their own vegetables and fruits. The objective is to take delight in more wholesome, fresh, chemical free, tasty foods and wanting to do away with weeks-old, warehouse – ripened produce tainting with insecticide and weed killers. The only way to insure ourselves with fresh tasting, healthy food is to grow it ourselves. There is the fascination when browsing through seed catalogs with colored pictures of mind blowing vegetables with glowing descriptions of sizes, colors and tastes. Then the pleasure of preparing the ground, where and when to plant each kind of seed… and to see it sprouting is a true delight.
What relaxation and joy….after a stressful day’s work to ease the day’s pressure on arrival home to step out into a quiet, happily growing garden. To water a few plants, pick up some fresh colourful harvest and observe the contribution you have given to other creatures living in your garden… Watch how a Parakeet or a Colibri bird is snatching some pollen from a flower… under the cautious eye of a praying mantes looking for its own meal, if you watch carefully more down on the soil, you will notice on the surface the previous night’s fresh casts of the earthworms, transforming the soil into nutritious rich fine pellets of nature giving natural fertilizers.
And what about creation…in the garden, you can experience the magic of constantly giving birth and nurturing…plants develop in 2 to 3 months from tiny fragile sprouts to an outpouring nature generosity. Furthermore, most gardeners grow more than they can use, and pride in the delight of sharing with their friends and neighbours the delicacies they have produced.
This experience is a pure bonus of enjoyment to the grower. If you are interested in some tips for starting your new garden, then you can subscribe to our Home Gardener’s Guide.
In our farms and gardens, we follow a management system which is inspired by lessons learnt from nature. A natural forest shows us our path. She is our teacher. Observe a forest and see how well she manages her eco system without intervention from man. We do the same in our gardens with little interference.It is this diversity which ensures ecological balance. There are more than 100 plant species grown per acre of natural forest, we maintain a bio-diversity in our garden by cultivating at any given moment more than 25 species and varieties of vegetables by rotating our crops round the year and round the garden.
Unfortunately, agri-mono-culture has destroyed the very backbone of sustainable agriculture uprooting the stability of a thriving eco-system, now susceptible to pest outbreaks with mass failures.Our focus is on creating and maintaining living soil for gardeners to be able to grow healthy, nourishing foods. A living soil is a living entity, characterised by the hosting of a huge populations of micro and macro fauna & flaura such as photosynthetic bacteria, fungus, earth worms, centipedes and more. We maintain a living soil in our garden by replenishing its bio mass content which is the main factor for biological and bio-chemical activities to take place and by implementing soil conservation measures.
The organic way is Nature’s way

Annadana’s Sustainable Bio-intensive vegetable garden.
Seed of Hope…..

Annadana skilled farmers conserving and using Food plant Bio- diversity. Come join us preserve and promote our heritage. Seed are the very beginning of the food chain.

  • All our seeds are grown organically and in a sustainable manner, optimizing nature forces and resources.
  • All our seeds are Non-hybrid, Non-genetically modified, Non-treated
  • All our seeds are reproducible true to type by the gardener insuring people of their own seed for the next year, as it has been for thousands of years.
Seeds Set in Carrot Flowers We are part of an international network of Seed Savers conserving our common heritage. By using native varieties, you are conserving Bio-Diversity.