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Launching Annadana Value Seed Packs

As you are aware, for the last 13 years, Annadana has been working to conserve the rich biodiversity of traditional seed varieties. Every year we distribute large quantities of replicable heritage seeds to small and marginal farmers free of cost. To nurture the increased interest among urban farmers to grow their own food chemical free, Annadana also facilitates regular workshops at its knowledge farm Ishana in Bengaluru.Building on this, Annadana is now happy to share these time-tested, heritage organic vegetable seed varieties with urban home gardeners throughout India.
We are delighted to introduce the Annadana Combo Value Seed Packs and Companion Vegetable Seed Packs which is made available online or at Annadana Farm Store at Ishana Farms.The other good news is…we have started to stock our value packs and organic seeds with Annadana’s first organic retail partner which is Buffalo Back, a quaint Organic retail outlet in Malleshwaram in Bengaluru. For more details visit:

These value seed packs are carefully-selected, exciting combinations of different vegetable varieties that are best suited for urban home gardens. Though urban gardens are often limited by space, we believe if well-planned, they can meet a significant share of the home’s vegetable requirements.

Thus, for instance, our Salad Splendor Combo Pack includes a healthy mix of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and capsicum; while the Veggie Delight pack contains brinjal (eggplant), beans, okra, chilly and tomato.

Similarly each Companion Vegetable Seed Pack includes a mix of varieties that complement each other’s growth in the garden, offer easy maintenance for the gardener as well as taste great when cooked together!

We have taken baby steps into organic retail and begun the process of selecting our organic retail partners. Our terms and conditions apply to qualify to partner with us. For more details, you can write to us on with your subject title ‘Retail query ‘.